Seoul Baekje Museum exhibits mural tombs of Goguryeo

Mural tombs and murals in tombs of an ancient kingdom scattered across Jian, China, and Pyongyang in North Korea can be seen in Seoul.
The Seoul Baekje Museum holds a special exhibition on mural tombs of Goguryeo until Feb. 26. The exhibition will have a mockup of a Goguryeo mural tomb and the replica of murals in tombs. Around 120 mural tombs made between the 4th and 7th centuries have been excavated in China and North Korea.

The murals have shown the sophisticated architectural methods of the ancient kingdom and the life of the people. Anak No.3, a large tomb, is available in a mock-up and also in VR experience, allowing visitors to see the tomb with special eyeglasses. Admission to the museum is free.

Bae-Jung Kim