Overseas Campaign for Accurate Understanding of Korea’s Goguryeo History

August 23, 2004
Government Information Agency

The Korean Cultural Center in Germany has locally registered an Internet site (www.goguryo.de) to bring accurate information on Goguryeo (37 BC-AD 668), an ancient Korean kingdom, to the people of Germany, according to Guk Jeong Briefing, an online news site run by the Korean government.

The move is part of the government effort to counter recent Chinese attempts to misrepresent facts of history about the Korean kingdom, describing it as part of Chinese history.

The center has secured and registered two additional sites, using the names of Koguryo and Kaoli, on which the center is currently working to automatically link them to the principal www.goguryo.de site.

The promotional campaign, set to begin next month, will focus on clarifying that Gojoseon, Buyeo and Balhae, along with Goguryeo, were unmistakably ancient Korean kingdoms, and that the Chinese claims are fabrications of history. For a more effective campaign, the center plans to post quality materials and historical evidence showing the Korean heritage and lineage of these ancient kingdoms, as well as Goguryeo Kingdom, as indubitable parts of Korean history.

The center will also provide reader participation space on the new sites to encourage discussions about Korea, her long history and other issues among Korean and German Internet users and experts.